A female founder's (wild) journey through the (hyper-masculine) tech startup world

Being a founder comes with only one guarantee: at times, the obstacles will be so absurdly difficult they'll seem almost comical. While you can’t predict what's ahead, you can prepare for it. And you can learn a lot from my experiences, since I've survived everything a startup can throw at you.

In This Better Work, I share the true stories of my fifteen-year journey through the hyper-masculine tech startup world — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Learn how I raised millions in venture capital funding, hired for every startup role, braved two accelerators, experienced one successful exit, and burned one startup to the ground.

Was the journey everything I thought it would be? Absolutely not. It rarely is. But it did generate priceless advice that can help other startup founders make better decisions — and avoid some pretty horrible mistakes.

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Lynsie perfectly captures the roller-coaster ups and downs of startup life.

She generously and bravely peels back the curtain on her biggest wins and losses, calling BS on others (and herself when appropriate), and providing an incredibly engaging, fast-paced, honest journey into the burdens and blessings of life as a tech entrepreneur.

This Better Work is a rollercoaster of masterful storytelling by one of the most dynamic founders in tech.

Lynsie is a fantastic storyteller of tales from the trenches of the modern startup world. I saw correlations with my own start-up, got the feels a few dozen times, and think of her journey often enough since reading that I had to come back and write a review.

I felt more seen reading this book than I have listening to any other founder.

When Lynsie shares her failures, it doesn't come with that undertone of smugness so often found in other founders' stories.The book feels like it's told by a stranger sitting next to you at your local pub: honest, sharp, and with just the right amount of cursing sprinkled in.

Great example of anti-survivorship bias: many books are written about "how I achieved stratospheric startup success" but few entrepreneurs put themselves out there showing all that went wrong (and occasionally right), and even fewer with the wit and wisdom shared here.

More is often learned in failure than success - read, learn, and empathize with this spirited female founder's journey. Really fun and insightful.